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There are currently over three hundred dogs in the Shelter at Semper Fidelis Domus. A small selection of those looking for homes are shown here. Please contact us for further details.

(NB Some of the details are incomplete as

the author is currently updating and

awaiting full information)


Paddock 2. Floria is 10 years old and has spent all her life at Semper Fidelis Domus Shelter. She was a tiny puppy when she was found abandoned and brought to safety. she is a happy girl as you can see, but she would be even happier in a proper family home surrounded by people she loves and with a comfy sofa to cuddle up on. To apply to adopt Floria, please fill in the preadopt form by clicking on the button below

Wolfie the German Shepherd Mix

Wolfie is a beautiful boy aged around seven years. He is silver sable, medium to large size and a German Shepherd Mix. Wolfie was found abandoned on the edge of the forest five years ago and has been at the Shelter ever since He is friendly once he is accustomed to people and connects well. He wants to be friends. Wolfie loves cuddles and people with the time and patience to develop on his natural intelligence. He is learning to walk on a lead and will be a great friend for someone who is looking for a pal


Two lovely young girls, sisters, living in shelter since pups, about 5 years old, very friendly and sweet, small size, needs a place where to run and play all day long! They can be adopted together or separate. They will be so happy!

Dogs for Adoption and Sponsorship

Say Hello to Semira

Semira wants to discover the world Semira was found together with 9 siblings and her mum in a forest near Butimanu. Since then they are sitting in the kennel waiting for their own basket. 2 years old medium size
Who is looking for a lively young dog who is very attached to the humans? He is Niko and is approximately 2 years old and want to have a forever home. The person who want to take him out from shelter and offer him a home will have to give him lots of love and many many cuddles. Sex: Male Age: about 2 years old size: about .55 cm

Mioritic Shepherd Mix

Lovely boy, 9 years old, shepherd mixt, with a very sad story. He lived until not long time ago in a family, runing free in a yard. His owner died and the relatives abandoned him

No Name

Lovely black girl for adoption. Three dogs, including this lady and her sister, were abandoned as puppies about two years ago. They had already grown too big and were left for the Shelter to rescue. She would love to be somebody’s best friend and would give all her love for a space on the sofa and a promise that she would never be abandoned again

Five Year Old Shy Girl

This very shy girl is five years old or thereabuts. She was found in a factory yard one day a few years ago by Mrs Bogza when she went to buy tools and equipment for the Shelter There were five dogs in total and all of them were taken to the Shelter for sanctuary. They were all placed in one large paddock but unfortunately one of the larger dogs was dominant and she was bitten several times. She was moved for her safety. she is timid but well behaved. She is not used to being handled and does find life quite stressful With a little patience and tlc she will make a very pretty and loving pet.

Three Years Old and Left at the Shelter

This handsome boy was saved from the streets by a family who kept him for two years and then dumped him at the Shelter as they no longer had any interest in him. Despite his sad life he is a happy boy and is just praying for another family to take him home - this time for ever!

No Name

This Little Red Haired Girl was found abandoned near Luciana Forest when she was only about a month old and not even weaned! Now she is six years old, very healthy, very sweet natured and gentle. She is microchipped, sterilized and vaccinated

This lovely Boy is Wanting You to Name Him

Beautiful boy,about 6 years old, medium size. He is calm but friendly boy. Happily sharing a paddock with a female friend. He is waiting to find his family to offer him a forever home in the warm with a soft bed and company of a friendly human.

Dogs for Adoption and Sponsorship

Selina - now in Sanctuary in Germany

A 2 year old girl who only knows the kennel. Selina was found together with 9 siblings and her mum in a forest near Butimanu. Since then they are sitting in the kennel waiting to be adopted. Young dogs should be allowed to discover the world. We hope to find people who will give this opportunity to Selina and her siblings. Sex FEMALE Age: 2 years


Unfortunately this lovely dog had an accident while she was a puppy when a tool hit her when she was living in a factory yard and her leg had to be amputated :( But she is a very friendly girl who loves to play with other dogs. Just look how loving she is - pictured here with one of our loving volunteers She is about 2-3 year old. Size: approx. 55 cm


This lovely dog just wants to have a forever home.. nothing more. After a long depriving life she just need living the last few years of her life in a family, where she will experience warmth and love. She should only live as a single princess, because she does not get along well with other dogs and for many years she lived alone in her paddock :-( Gender: female Age: about 9 years Size: 65-70 cm

Sad Elderly Lady Ciki

Girl, 11 years old, under treatment (possible eye problems or a stroke) She is very sweet and loving and could be sponsored (we would love for her to be adopted and she is about to be assessed for travel). Update soon for anyone interested in adopting this lovely girl who would love her own home to make her comfortable in her senior years.

David Bowie

David Bowie is around five years old. He was rescued from a factory yard and taken to the Shelter. He is a little shy but not aggressive. With time and patience he will make a great addition to any family. He just wants a chance to prove it! Will you offer him a forever home?

Sweet and Friendly Boy aged around 6

This young man is very kind and affectionate. He is very lonely as his housemate has been adopted and he doesn’t want to accept another dog in his paddock. So he craves the attention of the staff and volunteers who are working in and around his enclosure. Please end his loneliness by offering him adoption and a forever home and family
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Abandoned to Shelter by her Owner

This beautiful girl was brought to the Shelter along with two other

“Too Big” so Abandoned at the Shelter

This lovely young girl was brought in by her owner along with two other dogs after they “grew too big”. She is no older than two years and is very sweet natured. She would love a new family that would care for her for ever this time. She is a large sized dog but very gentle
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My Name is Monkey

I am a 6 year old female, sterilised and very friendly. I found Mrs Bogza, the lady who runs the shelter, 4 years ago when I was living on the streets. Mrs Bogza had something nice-smelling in her shopping bag and I followed that smell until we reached her home! She then took me to live at her shelter so I wasn’t in danger on the busy roads anymore, but I would love to have a home of my own. Because I am such a good girl I am allowed to walk around the shelter outside of the paddocks each day, and I love it when there are visitors to make a fuss of me! Can you help me find a forever home please, Or would you like to sponsor me for €25 per month or buy a bag of food for me and my kennel mates each month for €5?

Meet Malik

This lovely teddy bear is also looking for his home. Malik is a good-natured dog and is looking for people to whom he can give his heart and where he too may experience love

Small 7 Year Old Girl

#042-Paddock 21 Hi, I'm a little girl and I'm 7 years old I thought a few years ago I was going to Germany. I was all ready to go, with my passport and everything, but they chose my Mother instead of me But I know my time will come and I haven’t given up hope
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Two very scared dogs, about 5 years old. They were abandoned with their mum and two brothers in the street. Unfortunately the other two were killed by car. These two were taken to shelter when they were puppies with their mum. She died of cancer soon after she was taken to shelter and after her death they became very scared and are staying just inside the cages when someone is going inside their paddock. These two are still having therapy for their shyness


Not Quite Ready to Leave Yet

Mora is adopted! Go to our Happy Tails page

to see her story on video

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Small, Lonely Girl Lizzy is going to

UK in March to Foster, hoping to

find her forever home from there

I am in paddock 29 and I live alone since Izzy left to her family in UK ... I am small and very sweet. I would love a home of my own too...

#136 - Padoc 40

How can I tell you how much I need you now? I need a comfy home of my own with a loving family With funds depleted and only money from fundraising coming in, the shleter needs to find homes for many of the dogs in order to be able to stay open. If you can help, please contact us to adopt, or visit our fundraising and donating pages to give financial help Thank you from a sad, lonley soul who needs you xxxxxxx
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Miky - #139-Paddock 41

Hi, I'm Miky, I was saved right on st. Michael and Gabriel, 7 years ago. I was just a baby, they found me more dead than alive, crushed by a car. No one gave me a chance but I healed spectacularly after surgery, I really wanted to live. Now I am looking for my forever family - people to love me and share their sofa and their hearts with me. Are you that family?
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