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A warm welcome to our new website! This page is for posting news and results, along with details of any hopes and plans we have for the future of this wonderful Shelter. We have a group of supporters who are striving really hard to keep Semper Fidelis Domus open and the lovely dogs safe and happy.
We are Urgently Seeking Super Homes The Shelter is full to the rafters at the moment and it is really important that we find the perfect homes for as many dogs as possible as soon as possible. It is a struggle to feed and care for so many with so little money coming in.
As we are just starting out, most of this site will be a little bit experimental, and the format might well change as we gain information. On the right is a video of the advertisement that runs in Bucharest for the Shelter. Please watch it through and hopefully it will tempt you to help us rehome, fundraise and spread the word. Here is a post put up on Facebook by someone who has started following the Shelter and helping as much as she can. I asked permission to post this………. ������ Every now and again in life, a place makes a huge impression - I haven’t visited SFD yet and am hoping to shortly, but it still manages to get under my skin and into my heart and soul. It is not ‘just another dog shelter’, it is a place where the dogs are safe, there is no cruelty, they are well fed and looked after and you can see from the video how healthy and sociable they are. All they are lacking is a home of their own. This is an incredible place started by one lady, and the results can be seen here. This is why a small group of us work so hard to support this place and try and keep it from being closed. There is no money left now, but we will not give up trying to keep these dogs fed and this place open - this is almost a ‘sanctuary’ in a country where everywhere you go, there are starving, beaten and abandoned dogs. The lucky ones reached Semper Fidelis Domus Shelter. ������ Donations can be made to Paypal
Some of our lovely dogs enjoying their new lives - please consider adopting from our Shelter - see our Dogs on the Dogs for Adoption Page
For some time now, the owner of Semper Fidelis Domus has been struggling to find a way to keep the Shelter open, using all her own money along with a small rent received from two shelters she owns in the area. A desperate plea went out as it looked as though the only option was to send all the dogs to the public shelter and to close. A group of us have banded together to do our utmost to prevent this - dogs in the public shelter get fifteen days grace before euthanasia. Another alternative would be to send the dogs out to other shelters in Europe and to close.


After all the hard work and the thousands of Euros of her own savings put in. With all those rescued dogs in such marvellous condition and as happy as shelter dogs can be - how could we allow that to happen?




We need your help right now! We need to raise enough money every month to pay Food approx 2400 Euros Wages approx 750 Euros Taxes approx 450 Euros Utilities approx 300 Euros That comes to a total of around 3900 Euros per month excluding any veterinary costs or unexpected ancilllaries. Please go to our Fundraising Page for infomation on how you can help, or to our Donate page to see how you can make a direct contribution. We need your help to spread the word far and wide to find perfect homes for as many dogs as possible. If you are on Facebook, go to our page and share like crazy. Your share might just be the one that finds that perfect home! I hope you enjoy our website and I would welcome any constructive comments and suggestions you might like to make. Contact us

Our Own Very Special Ladies

“Goody TwoSues” on a factfinding mission to Semper Fidelis Domus Shelter in Butimanu, to see how better our team of helpers can promote and fundraise for the Dogs of Dambovita Sue Ellis Nixon and Sue Dearing, both from the UK. Good luck Ladies and have a great trip