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We usually present our games and events on Facebook but we would like to give people a chance to play on here too. The games take the form of Lucky Numbers Cash Raffles, Scratch Cards and so on. we are always looking for new and inventive interactive games and ways to fundraise so, if you have any great ideas please do contact us - we need to keep the games alive! If you have collected any money through fundraising please send it to our fundraising PayPal Account and put your details in the comments box.

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If you are reading this, the chances are you are an ardent dog lover, which means you probably have more dogs at home than your space and finances allow. You would love to donate, but you just cannot spare a single euro. That doesn’t mean you can’t help us to raise funds! Do you have goods or services that you can sell for cash? Do you knit, bake, paint, take great photos? Pledge the proceeds from one sale per month Organise a fundraising function - hold a sponsored walk, swim, silence. Hold a bring and buy sale, cake stall, coffee morning. Put a collection box in your local pub or shop Get out in your shed, up in your spare room or attic and sort out all that “junk” you have been meaning to get rid of for months - sell it on e-bay or at a car boot sale and donate a percentage or your proceeds to the Shelter Do you have sensible children and is it safe to do so? Ask them to go out in your community and offer to do “jobs for donations” - now the lawn, clean the cooker, walk the dog, The possibilities are there. Try to encourage the people in your community to get involved - widen the catchment for fundraising - your family, friends and neighbours probably love dogs bu just are not committed financially as heavily as you are, and may well be delighted to help this excellent cause TRY IT! YOU MIGHT BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED and think how much it will lessen the burden on your wallet!!!!!!!
Get involved - YOU can help
Thank you for the donations and pledges of support received Rebecca Miriam Wolf, Kathy Bryant, Sandra Klein, Helen Thompson, Rita Rigsby, Alison Carne, Nicola Hale, Adam Bosko, Mary Cameron, Mary Honey and Elizabeth Rowley for their wonderful generosity. If you would like to support the Shelter with a regular donation, please just press the PayPal button above to set up your standing order by PayPal or on your nominated card. Thank you again

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£5 per month will more than pay for a whole bag of dog food! Five hundred pledges of £5 per month would cover the whole food bill every month for Semper Fidelis Domus. That would be simply amazing. If you would like to join our band of monthly donors, please sign up by just pressing the PayPal button above, which will take you to our signup page - you may pay on PayPal or nominate the card of your choice.

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Results of the first Lucky Numbers Competition of the New Year are as follows 1st prize of £50 won by Stuart Smith 2nd prize of a Radkley Tote Bag won by Joanne Ramshaw 3rd prize of Lumnch Cooler Bag won by Auntie Susie 4th prize of a Scarf won by Kim Searle 5th prize of a Stationery Set won by Gwen Clipsham 6th prize of a Passport Cover and Luggage Set won by Lisa C 7th prize of a Ceramic Flamingo Tray won by Gwen Clipsham 8th prize of a Berkley Square Wash Bag Set won by Kim Searle 9th prize of a Notepad and Pen Set won by Kay Jacques Please watch out for more competitions and ways to help SFD to raise much needed funds for the dogs and the Shelter
Speak to Sue Dearing today about holding a Scratchcard at your local Hairdressers, Pub or Meeting Place. A great way to help the Shelter without too much pain in your pocket!
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Buy a heart for 5 euros and help cover the costs of running Semper Fidelis Domus Shelter. Payment details to the left of this appeal. Appeal on behalf of SFD by a Sister Shelter in Pantelimon, Bucharest, helping to raise funds to pay wage costs and taxes. Thank you!