Strada Principala 451 H, 137075 Butimanu, Dambovita, Romania +40 729 806 983


We are very fortunate that a

group of UK ex pats have

banded together to form a

volunteer group

The group are travelling from Bucharest together either once our twice a week. We hope that as they gain knowledge and experience, they will be able to relieve the paid staff of some of their duties and also to give them time off. Ideally we would like to recruit two more members of staff - but that is proving difficult in such a rural area. If you are living in Bucharest or en route to Butimanu, and you would like to offer your services as a volunteer, please contact us as soon as possible. This is a new venture and we are keen to see how it pans out in the medium to long term. The ladies that have been so far have found their days very fulfilling and are looking forward to their next visits