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What are we about at SFD?

You read on our Home Page about how we came to be, but why do we carry on and what are our goals and aspirations? How do we intend to achieve those goals and where do you come in? Why do We Carry On? Every day more dogs are abandoned to the streets, or born there to unspayed females. Their lives are precarious - they are always in danger of being cruelly treated or inhumanely captured and thrown into the Public Shelters, where after fifteen days they are savagely killed if not claimed. At best they struggle for food and shelter and at worst they die an horrific death. We carry on in order to get as many as possible to safety and ultimately to caring permanent homes, to remove entire dogs from the streets and reduce the number of puppies born there only to die of disease, danger or neglect Our Main Goals Are To save stray dogs from the streets and wastelands in our area, to take them out of reach of the dog catchers and those who would wish them harm, to the sanctuary of our Shelter To give those dogs the best possible care and attention whilst they are with us. To feed and house them comfortably, to cater properly for their veterinary needs and healthcare To interact with the dogs as much as possible and to show them that their lives can be better - to prepare them for life with families in proper homes To promote the dogs in our care as far and wide as possible to find the best homes for them. Semper Fidelis Domus is a private shelter and we pride ourselves that our dogs are kept in the best possible condition. Look at our pictures and videos to see that the dogs are as happy as they can be in a Shelter, and that they are clean and healthy with good coats and clear eyes

How do We Intend to Achieve those Goals?

As usual, money is at the root of all evil and the first thing we need to do is to raise more! Currently we do not have enough funds coming in to feed the dogs and pay taxes etcetera. We need to raise money through adoptions, sponsorship, donations, competitions and by making genuine cost reductions without compromising the safety and welfare of the dogs in our care. You can help us! Follow the links to the pages to see how to donate, how to sponsor, how to enter our competitions and how to adopt.
The owner (3 from left) with her friends from the Shelter in Bucharest
Starving Street Dog
Starving Dog in the Public Shelter
Happy Semper Fidelis Domus Dogs